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The SMP Report ~ Birth Plans

Controversial from the very beginning, the birth plan was far from a perfect solution, and today it has truly become a relic of the past. In spite of having birth plans and greater access to information, women continue to find themselves with little say in how they give birth.

Attitudes and opinions about birth plans vary widely from woman to woman, provider to provider, and from hospital to hospital. In some settings, they are welcomed, and in others, they are ridiculed. Unfortunately, pregnant women are made to believe that simply having a birth plan will help them have an empowering birth experience. As a result, many develop a false sense of confidence when carrying a birth plan to the hospital. I am not suggesting that creating a birth plan is completely useless. In fact, the process of creating a birth plan can be empowering, educational, and revealing. What I do suggest is that you really understand what birth plans CAN and CANNOT do so that you can use one more successfully. It’s important that you understand the TRUTHS about birth plans in order to make a real difference in your birth. Read on. Learn five things you NEED to know about birth plans before deciding to take one with you to the hospital. It is my hope that this will provide you with the necessary insight to help you Birth Something Beautiful.

ONE: Birth plans only offer an ILLUSION of choice.
Most hospitals have standing orders and protocols that often carry more weight than a birth plan. No matter what your birth plans says, if it is in direct conflict with standing orders or hospital protocols, chances are it will be completely disregarded or you will find yourself in a battle to uphold your wishes. Before creating a birth plan, it is wise to obtain a copy of your doctor/midwife’s or hospital’s standing orders. This will give you an understanding of where you will possibly have conflict. With this information in hand, you can discuss these conflicts with your provider BEFORE labor. You can even ask them for a set of separate, personalized admission orders that you can use when you arrive to the hospital. Having a page of written and SIGNED orders will go a lot further than any birth plan you could write.

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